NDIS Sucess Story
NDIS Support Gave Wendy the Confidence to Live Her Life Again

NDIS Support Gave Wendy the Confidence to Live Her Life Again

NDIS Support Gave Wendy the Confidence to Live Her Life Again

Wendy is a 65-year-old woman living in Perth Western Australia. Wendy’s life changed dramatically 6 years ago when she suffered a heart attack. Wendy’s heart attack left her with permanent blood vessel damage to the brain which has caused early onset dementia. Prior to Wendy’s heart attack she led a fit and active lifestyle and enjoyed spending time socialising with friends. Since her diagnosis of early onset dementia many of her friendships have dissipated as Wendy is now unable to leave the home unaccompanied by a carer.

Discovering NDIS Support Services:

Wendy’s family, who were determined to ensure she continued to live a fulfilling life, discovered she was eligible for an NDIS package due to her permanent disability. The NDIS is a government-funded initiative in Australia that provides essential support and services to people with disabilities, aiming to enhance their overall well-being and independence.

NDIS Support Gave Wendy the Confidence to Live Her Life Again

The role of Carepro Disability Services:

Wendy’s Local Area Coordinator (LAC) put Wendy and her family in touch with Carepro Disability Services,who were able to offer support services to helpWendy access the community to attend appointments, go shopping, and visit local support groups in her community to make new like-mindedfriends.

The Power of NDIS Support

Empowering Wendy’s Journey:

Carepro Disability Services began working closely with Wendy and her family to understand her specific requirements and long-term goals. A personalised support plan was created in conjunction with Wendy and her family that encompassed a range of support services including community participation, occupational therapy, and psychology.

The Turning Point:

The services that Wendy and her family received made a significant impact in Wendy’s life. Through consistent supports Wendy has now gained a newfound confidence when accessing the community and is making many new friends attending her local support groups. Wendy’s family are also receiving respite during her support time which has greatly improved family relationships.


Wendy’s journey is a testament to the power of NDIS Support Services and the commitment of the Carepro Disability Services Team. By providing access to community participation supports and delivering personalised, reliable, and compassionate assistance the team were able to help Wendy to embrace her uniqueness and achieve her goals of feeling more confident in the community and making new friendships. Together we can achieve anything!

Wendy's story is an inspiration to us all. She was diagnosed with dementia, but she didn't let it define her. With the help of NDIS support, she was able to regain her confidence and social life. Her story shows that even when faced with a disability, it is possible to live a fulfilling life.