Case Study
A Case Study of Sebastian’s Transition to Independent Community Living

A Case Study of Sebastian’s Transition to Independent Community Living

A Case Study of Sebastian's Transition to Independent Community Living


Sebastian, a resilient 28 years old man living in Perth Western Australia with severe cerebral palsy, had long harboured the dream of living independently in his own home. Carepro Disability Services became a crucial ally in his quest, providing support coordination services to facilitate his transition to community housing and navigate his NDIS plan effectively. This case study sheds light on how Carepro Disability Services, assisted Sebastian in harnessing his Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding to achieve greater independence and connected Sebastian with employment services to achieve his goal of pursuing a career.


Sebastian's life was shaped by the challenges of severe cerebral palsy, requiring 24-hour care to meet his daily living needs. Despite residing in shared supported disability accommodation, he yearned for greater autonomy and control over his living environment. Carepro Disability Services recognised Sebastian's unique situation and committed to helping him realise his aspiration for independent living.

Results and Impact:

Sebastian's severe cerebral palsy presented additional challenges, necessitating round-the-clock care and specialised support. The limitations of shared supported accommodation intensified his desire for a more personalised living space. Carepro Disability Services understood the importance of tailoring their approach to Sebastian's specific needs.

Carepro Disability Services Intervention:

1. Personalised Support Coordination: Carepro Disability Services assigned a dedicated support coordinator who possessed expertise in dealing with complex care. This coordinator collaborated closely with Sebastian to develop a personalised plan, addressing his unique housing and care requirements, to ensure a seamless transition to community housing.

2. Specialised Community Housing Search: Carepro Disability Services undertook a comprehensive search for community housing that was affordable and not only met Sebastian's preferred location but also offered the necessary home modifications that Sebastian required to live independently.

3. Navigating Sebastian’s NDIS Plan with a Focus on 24-Hour Care: Understanding the critical need for continuous care, Carepro Disability Services meticulously reviewed Sebastian's NDIS plan. They worked to optimize the SIL funding to cover 24-hour support services, adaptive equipment, and other essentials, ensuring that Sebastian's complex disability was comprehensively addressed in his new living arrangement.

4. Financial Preparedness: Understanding that independent living comes with financial obligations, Carepro Disability Services engaged Sebastian in discussions about budgeting, paying bills, and managing everyday expenses. They provided guidance on financial literacy to ensure Sebastian was well-prepared for the responsibilities of living on his own.

5. Connecting with Disability Employment Services: Recognising the need for sustainable income, and Sebastians goal of obtaining suitable employment, Carepro Disability Services collaborated with a reputable Disability Employment Services agency. The objective was to facilitate Sebastian's entry into the workforce, providing tailored support for job seeking, skill development, and workplace integration.

6. Skills Enhancement and Job Placement: The collaboration involved targeted skills enhancement and training programs, preparing Sebastian for employment. This included refining his job-seeking skills, resume building, and guidance on navigating the workplace. Carepro worked closely with the DES agency to identify suitable job opportunities aligned with Sebastian's abilities and interests.

A Case Study of Sebastian's Transition to Independent Community Living ​

Results and Impact:

Sebastian's engagement with the Disability Employment Services agency, facilitated by Carepro Disability Services, yielded positive outcomes. Through tailored support, he gained valuable skills, increased his confidence, and became better equipped for the job market.


This case study highlights Sebastian's transformative journey with Carepro Disability Services. The meticulous support provided by Carepro enabled Sebastian to navigate the complexities of transitioning from shared supported disability accommodation to independent living. Beyond addressing immediate housing and care needs, Carepro recognised the broader dimensions of independence, acknowledging Sebastian's aspirations for financial autonomy. Sebastian's achievement of living independently, combined with the new found prospect of meaningful employment, reflects the holistic impact of Carepro Disability Services.

In conclusion, Sebastian's success story embodies the transformative potential of collaborative and comprehensive support. Carepro Disability Services has not only helped Sebastian achieve his goal of independent living but has also positioned him for a future of new found possibilities in the workforce. Sebastian's journey is a testament to the empowerment that can result from a holistic, person-centred approach to disability support services.

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