How this NDIS program improving life of NDIS Participants

Get fit & giggle! Laughter is the best medicine. Adventure awaits! Explore outdoors & boost health. Move your body, move your blood! Get your heart pumping with fun activities.

Health based benefits

Feel-good vibes! Exercise releases happy hormones, naturally. Level up your fitness! Mix it up with different workouts for total well-being. Brain Gain! Keep your mind sharp with stimulating activities.

➔  Dancing. ➔ Cooking and Coffee making skills. ➔ Gardening and grass cutting ➔ Daily important household choresetc.

Learn Life Skill Development

➔ Help building social skills ➔ Build relationship with others ➔ Community games and fun ➔ Sharing thoughts and discussions

Group and Center Based Activities

To claim the benefits, contact us to join this NDIS program for NDIS participants only

You can book via call us at (03) 9492 6982 (Victoria Office) (08) 6202 7089 (Western Australia Office) or Email us at